Twisted News /twistednews Twisted News Crazy Messed Up Happenings Thu, 19 Jan 2017 22:08:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Treasonous? Fake news outlet CNN appears to encourage Trump assassination to point out that an Obama ‘Cabinet member’ would take over as president /twistednews/2017-01-19-treasonous-fake-news-outlet-cnn-appears-to-encourage-trump-assassination-to-point-out-that-an-obama-cabinet-member-would-take-over-as-president /twistednews/2017-01-19-treasonous-fake-news-outlet-cnn-appears-to-encourage-trump-assassination-to-point-out-that-an-obama-cabinet-member-would-take-over-as-president#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The far Left has become so unhinged in the wake of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in November that its behavior is bordering on the criminal.

And treason.

Discredited fake news outlet CNN is being heavily criticized for a report that seems to suggest there could be an assassination of the president-elect in the offing, and should that happen, an Obama Cabinet pick would be waiting in the wings to take over.

As reported by Infowars, the story, headlined, “Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in the Oval Office,” says there is no specific threat that is targeting the inauguration, but then goes on to fantasize about “who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president…just as the transfer of power is underway.”

You can almost feel the dripping resentment for Trump and the hope that something bad would happen to him just so an Obama sycophant could seize the reins of power (and ‘save the country from the disaster of Trump,’ of course).

CNN said that an individual named the “designated presidential successor” will not be at the inauguration as a security precaution, “but it won’t be a Trump cabinet secretary…it will be an Obama appointee.”

The ‘report’ goes on to emphasize that “a president from the prior administration” would then take power if there is an attack because none of Trump’s Cabinet picks have been confirmed yet by the Senate.

According to the fake news network, the designated presidential successor would probably be Tom Shannon, the Under Secretary for Political Affairs and an Obama appointee (thanks for publishing his identity, CNN—good thing you were around to blow the lid off that D-Day invasion during World War II).

CNN teases the potential attack scenario on the inauguration by noting it would create “chaos” and “high theater,” then aired clips from ABC’s weekly series “Designated Survivor,” starring Kiefer Sutherland who plays an obscure Cabinet secretary who is “unexpectedly thrust into the presidency after an attack at the Capitol during a State of the Union Address.”

There have already been a number of death threats against the soon-to-be President Trump, including a family friend of Hillary Clinton, who was arrested after he threatened to assassinate Trump at his inauguration. And, there have also been numerous reports of protests, unrest and property damage being planned for Inauguration Day, which in and of itself could create enough mayhem to threaten the president-elect and members of Congress in attendance. [RELATED: Stay current with potential threats to the civil society at]

We already know that CNN has regularly committed journalistic fraud; has the network crossed another line by drawing attention to this very dangerous scenario? After all, what is even the point of speculating something like this? For CNN’s warped Left-wing ideologues, this is nothing more than wishful thinking disguised as a ‘news story.’

Respondents on YouTube, which were very heavily thumbed down, blasted the network for what could be taken as encouraging an attack on Trump.

“Totally not suggesting anything her, huh CNN?” one person commented, as Infowars reported.

“So leftist terrorists know who they need to take out, so that dems can stay in power? This is irresponsible journalism,” wrote another.

“I flagged this video as dangerous to the president elect, and that it might foment violence,” another poster noted.

This is not unprecedented for CNN, by the way, which has demonstrated amazing bias against Trump from the outset. This is the same network of losers who gave Thomas DiMassio a platform after he rushed a state to violently confront Trump during a campaign event in Ohio last year. [RELATED: Keep current with the new administration at]

DiMassio’s intent? Use violence to “send a message to all people out in the country who wouldn’t consider themselves racist, who wouldn’t consider themselves approving of what type of violence Donald Trump is allowing in his rallies.”

Imagine if Fox News had run this kind of a story on the eve of President-elect Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2008; the Left-wing establishment media would have exploded with anger. But that’s the point: It’s okay for the journo-terrorists on the Left to publish this kind of garbage and pretend its “news.”

If you’re not boycotting CNN, you’re just encouraging more of this kind of outrageous behavior.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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NYT thinks airport travelers shouldn’t be able to defend themselves against Islamic terrorists /twistednews/2017-01-19-nyt-thinks-airport-travelers-shouldnt-be-able-to-defend-themselves-against-islamic-terrorists /twistednews/2017-01-19-nyt-thinks-airport-travelers-shouldnt-be-able-to-defend-themselves-against-islamic-terrorists#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Aside from the First Amendment, the editors and reporters at The New York Times have little use for most other provisions of the Constitution, and that is particularly true about the Second Amendment.

While lawmakers elected by the people in state after state around the country have passed legislation recognizing law abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms no matter where they go, the Times and other Left-wing, discredited purveyors of fake news continue to push the narrative that Americans should be unarmed and helpless in the face of danger.

In a Jan. 12 editorial—about one week after an ISIS-inspired suspect gunned down innocent, defenseless travelers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida—the Times argued against allowing law-abiding citizens to actually utilize their constitutional right to carry a firearm for self-defense in unsecured areas of airports, calling such an idea “delusional.”

So in other words, noted Brietbart in a rebuttal, “the contention that concealed carry permit holders would shoot back and stop the attack rather than collapse in fear and cry like children is crazy.” And it’s ‘wacko’ for citizens to want to protect themselves in this age of terrorism.

The Times, in its editorial, quoted Florida state Rep. Jake Raburn, R-57, as saying, “There could have been the potential for people to protect themselves in that situation.” As such, he subsequently introduced legislation that would allow citizens with concealed carry permits to carry a firearm in unsecured parts of Florida airports (which means people would still have to get ‘permission’ from the state government to exercise their constitutional right). This law would actually put Florida in line with 44 other states that allow concealed carry permit holders in unsecured parts of airports. [RELATED: Stay current with the latest firearms data at]

But no, the Times editorial board proclaims; that’s “delusional,” adding “the grim truth is that concealed-carry permit holders are rarely involved in stopping crime.” The editorial continues by claiming that there is a chance that concealed carry permit holders would actually carry out mass shootings, then attempted to back up that ridiculous claim with ‘evidence’ from a Violence Policy Center study, a group that hates the Second Amendment.

Breitbart reports that the editorial doesn’t note that the center used quotes from debunked Harvar researcher David Hemenway, nor does it address the unrefuted work of Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck, whose work, for more than two decades, has shown that about 760,000 defensive gun uses take place every year in the U.S., and that is likely a minimum number.

All of that is well and good—truthful data from legitimate, replicable, peer-reviewed scientific studies are always helpful when advocating for any public policy—but something more is needed at this point in time when it comes to the “gun control” debate, and frankly, it is a major dose of reality.

The usual Left-wing suspects in the discredited establishment media, academia and the Democratic Party are always going to take the side of the armed criminal who doesn’t abide by state or federal gun laws when using a firearm to kill, by advocating for the denial of our Second Amendment rights. Further, they’re always going to lie about the statistics regarding legitimate gun use, all while attempting to use irrational, illogical fear to press for more gun control statutes.

However, in example after example of mass shootings, we have seen several constants that the Left wants us to ignore like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz:

1) Mass shootings are rare in the first place, but they generally occur in so-called ‘gun-free’ zones where it is illegal to carry a firearm for self-defense;

2) Most shootings are being carried out by drug-crazed individuals or actual terrorists, not ordinary citizens.

With these two realizations in mind, most states have since adopted real ‘common-sense’ gun laws—statutes that recognize a citizen’s inalienable right to self-defense with a firearm, rather than laws that further constrain our Second Amendment rights and make us far more vulnerable to the unthinkable. [RELATED: Read how our rights under constant assault at]

Lovers of freedom don’t have to be armed if they choose not to be. The Second Amendment does not create a mandate that all citizens have to be armed (unlike Obamacare, which mandates that all citizens have to be insured). But it does recognize a universal right to do so if the individual sees fit, and that is the argument gun rights groups should concentrate on the most.

Pro-gun lawmakers who want to expand, rather than restrict, gun rights aren’t “delusional.” In fact, they’re the ones who are engaging in clear thinking. It’s people like the members of the Times editorial board who need to get their heads screwed on correctly so they can see how they’ve been aiding and abetting mass murder.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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Identity theft using selfies: Your fingerprint can now be stolen from your pictures /twistednews/2017-01-18-identity-theft-using-selfies-your-fingerprint-can-be-stolen-from-your-pictures /twistednews/2017-01-18-identity-theft-using-selfies-your-fingerprint-can-be-stolen-from-your-pictures#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 If you like to display the peace sign when posing for pictures or selfies, there’s a new strategy you should employ, effective immediately. Make sure the back, or fingernail side of your hand is displayed, and not the fingerprint side. If you are featured in any online photos where you are exposing your fingerprint, you might want to consider deleting those as soon as possible. Photos that are shared and stored online create an active database of fingerprints for thieves to exploit.

Advancements in photo manipulation software can now lead to identity theft; because it is now possible for identity thieves to successfully obtain your fingerprint data from images. Japanese professor, Isao Echizen, knows the dangers of exposing your fingerprints first hand. Echizen is advising people to reconsider the innocent peace sign pose, after a recent experiment was conducted by his team at the NII’s Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division, where they were able to successfully retrieve peoples fingerprint data from photos that were taken from distances up to three meters away. “Fingerprint data can be re-created if fingerprints are in focus with strong lighting in a picture,” said Echizen.

The technique Echizen describes doesn’t use any special software, but certainly requires good lighting. Low light pictures aren’t a significant threat now, but could become more serious in the future as mobile cameras become more sophisticated. Whenever possible, it is important not to rely on security measures that require fingerprint data.

Biometrics are becoming an increasingly accepted form of reliable security, replacing passwords and other safeguarding solutions in many instances. Keeping your prints private is now a valid concern. You can always change your password after being hacked, but you can’t change your fingerprints.

Professor Echizen believes that celebrities are most vulnerable to the new method of identity theft; due to the high number of photographs they generally appear in. While regular individuals might downplay the threat, this is a real situation which has already caused everyday people to become victims of ransom scams, because they compromised the security of their digital data.

An ordinary photo is all it takes for a thief to gain the ability to copy your fingerprint. The progression of technology in high quality digital photos has opened one side of the vulnerability, the other side being technologies akin to Touch ID, which turn your fingerprints into digital keys that can be used to unlock many of the devices we use today.

A third vulnerability exists within the technologies that use our fingerprints for verification or validation. Touch ID and similar fingerprint verifying security measures are likely to store your fingerprint data so that it can be compared to the print that is trying to gain access through the security measure. The fact that your fingerprint data could be stored up in a cloud for comparison raises additional security concerns, because hackers might be able to obtain that data in a security breech similar to what we often see with major companies.

In Echizen’s home country of Japan, as in many parts of the world, the peace sign is a common gesture shown in photos, however, it isn’t the sole hand gesture that could compromise your security. Other common gestures like waving, or giving a thumbs up, also create the same security vulnerability. When a fingerprint is matched with a person’s face, it creates a significantly greater threat for identity thieves to use the biometric data with malicious intent.

The fingerprint sensor on your phone is the key to unlocking all the private information that is stored on the device. This is not the first warning advising people that their fingerprint data needs to be protected. Back in 2014, a hacker demonstrated an eerily similar technique where he successfully replicated a German politician’s fingerprints from a public photo. The hacker then proceeded to create a three-dimensional mold of the fingerprint, which was capable of unlocking a secured phone. (RELATED: Learn more about technology glitches and failures at



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Natural News exposes Fenestra Research Labs as fraudulent clinical trial scammers /twistednews/2017-01-18-natural-news-exposes-fenestra-research-labs-as-fraudulent-clinical-trial-scammers /twistednews/2017-01-18-natural-news-exposes-fenestra-research-labs-as-fraudulent-clinical-trial-scammers#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 It’s hard to get one over on Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. When it comes to alternative health and science, he knows his stuff.

Which means he also knows how to spot posers, fraudsters and liars, wasting no amount of effort exposing them to our readers and the world.

Just a few years ago, Adams called out the makers and marketers of Adya Clarity detox liquid, which he said contained toxic compounds including aluminum and sulfuric acid. Keep in mind, you don’t make such bold claims unless you’re absolutely sure, and Adams is nothing if not a stickler for the facts.

In March 2013, Adams reported that the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center issued a warning that the product was “currently being marketed through a series of highly deceptive webinars” claiming “almost magical powers…” But the center said that, in reality, the product “is primarily made of metals dissolved in sulfuric acid, and it was imported into United States using the description ‘battery acid’ on import documents.”

Adams said the center discovered that there were about 1,200 ppm of aluminum in the product as well.

But in response, the Adya Clarity company launched a campaign against Natural News, in a bid to discredit the site and Adams in particularly. That said, eventually the company also funded what they thought was a legitimate clinical trial which, for some years, was used as “proof” that the product worked as they said it did. That so-called proof was used to continue promoting the product across the Internet, via the use of webinars.

Adya Clarity’s former marketer, Kacper Postawski, has since gone public with the revelation that the clinical trial was eventually outed as completely fraudulent, and that he and the company actually were scammed by the clinical trial firm. The company that was conducting the clinical trials, Fenestra Research Labs, was nothing more than a collection of scam artists who defrauded Adya Clarity and produced nothing for fake data.

Adams noted that he was personally instrumental in assisting Adiya Clarity find out it was being scammed by asking scientifically intelligent questions about the clinical trial firm; Kacper worked with him to formulate those questions, which led immediately to the company’s exposure as a fraud.

Recently, Kapcer reached out to Adams many years later to assist with putting together an effort to help set the record straight about what happened, to learn from mistakes that were made and to move ahead with the goal of healing and scientific integrity. Adams invited Kacper to give a “tell-all” interview where they discussed that Adya Clarity story, as well as the marketing claims, the data that was faked during the phony clinical trials, and lessons that all can derive from the episode moving ahead. The video interview is here.

The point is, Adams was right all along (he is the director of the Consumer Wellness Center), even though he was personally defamed, denigrated and insulted, as well as Natural News itself.

“After I exposed Adya Clarity as a fraud, its founder Matt Bakos unleashed an exhaustive personal smear campaign against me, spreading outrageous lies through his distributors who were also profiting from fraud,” Adams said. “At one point, they invented a completely false lie that claimed I was attacking Adya because I wanted to buy the company and they refused to sell it to me. Why would I want to buy a company whose product was loaded with aluminum and toxic metals? The truth didn’t matter. They were out to smear me, and they tried everything in their power to discredit me so they could keep selling poison for profit.”

As Adams noted, the interview covers:

* How Adya Clarity was deceptively and irresponsibly marketed by dietary supplement companies.

* How Adya Clarity generated $5.5 million in sales from a deceptive webinar marketing strategy.

* Details on the Adya war with Natural News, and how Mike Adams effectively halted most sales of Adya nationwide.

* How Kacper Postawski had positive intentions, but was deceived by a clinical trial company.

* Details on how the clinical trials were faked by a scamming company that charged Adya Clarity over $50,000.

“What I learned from the Adya Clarity saga is that the truth always wins out. The truth is now on the record: the clinical trial was faked. The claims were false,” said Adams. “The marketing was irresponsible. The entire Adya Clarity era was rooted in fraud and deception. My warnings were correct from the get-go, and I know that I helped save tens of thousands of people from being poisoned by this product. To me, that’s enough. Regardless of all the smears and defamation, the fact that I helped prevent the mass poisoning of consumers gives me confidence in moving forward. Because in truth, there are even more toxic products being sold right now that also need to be exposed.”

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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Anti-Trump protester sets himself on fire outside Trump’s D.C. hotel /twistednews/2017-01-18-anti-trump-protester-sets-himself-on-fire-outside-trumps-d-c-hotel /twistednews/2017-01-18-anti-trump-protester-sets-himself-on-fire-outside-trumps-d-c-hotel#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A protester set himself on fire outside Trump International Hotel in Washington DC on Tuesday.

(Article by Jennifer Smith from

The man, who has not yet been identified, said the act was in protest of the President-elect’s looming inauguration.

Witnesses described how he yelled ‘Trump’ several times as ‘flames ran up his back’ before lying down in the street.

He suffered non-life-threatening burns and was taken to hospital shortly after the incident at around 9.30pm.

A Washington DC Police source told he was not arrested.


A man set himself on fire in protest outside Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. on Tuesday night. His clothes remained ablaze in the middle of the road afterwards


The man said he was from California and that he was acting in protest against Trump


In a brief interview with NBC at the scene, he said: ‘I tried to light myself on fire as an act of protest.

‘(I’m protesting) the fact that we’ve elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting the constitution of the United States.’

A Washington DC Police source said the man was injured but that his wounds were not serious.

Authorities said they were called to the hotel after receiving a report of a person ‘in distress’.

A bypasser said it was not initially clear what the man was protesting when he set fire to items of clothing in the street outside the hotel.

‘He set himself on fire and as flames ran up his back he yelled Trump several times then lay down in the street.

2 1

Fire crews and an ambulance was called to the hotel shortly after 9.30pm to deal with the incident


Washington DC Police said the man was not arrested and did not suffer life-threatening injuries

(He) then walked over to the police/security,’ Michael Shoag, who arrived at the hotel after the man set himself on fire, said.

While the man appeared to have suffered burns to his back, he was able to walk.

Anti-Trump protesters have been flocking to Washington DC this week ahead of Friday’s inauguration.

They also inundated Ivanka Trump’s Manhattan home on Tuesday, carrying moving boxes plastered with protest slogans to mock the businesswoman’s move to Washington.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday he would also join demonstrators at a protest outside the family’s Manhattan hotel on the eve of the inauguration.

‘I’m rallying at Trump Int’l Hotel at 6PM on January 19 because our next president needs to hear from all NYers before he takes office. Join us,’ the mayor tweeted.

Read more at:

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American College of Pediatricians warns: HPV vaccine causes ovarian failure /twistednews/2017-01-17-american-college-of-pediatricians-hpv-vaccine-causes-ovarian-failure /twistednews/2017-01-17-american-college-of-pediatricians-hpv-vaccine-causes-ovarian-failure#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A new warning has emerged about the use of Gardasil, a vaccine for the human papilloma virus (HPV).

Gardasil (a four-strain HPV vaccine, or HPV4), is typically administered to both boys and girls as young as age 11 to prevent the sexually transmitted disease.

Developed by Merck, Gardasil received FDA approval in 2006. The disease did not become of concern until the 1980s, when research first suggested that there may be a connection between HPV and cervical cancer. However, whether this link actually exists has been a major point of contention. (RELATED: Learn more about the science fraud behind vaccine marketing at

As Natural News previously explained, the vaccine has reportedly been linked to severe complications such as cervical cysts, autoimmune diseases, and harm to women’s ovaries. Natural News has also detailed how one of the developers of the HPV vaccine has now disavowed the inoculation, given that that cervical cancer risk is extremely low in the U.S. and that 90 percent of all HPV apparently infections clear up on their own within two years.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Gardasil, Gardasil 9, and Cervarix are all safe and effective.

The American College of Pediatricians apparently is apparently not so sure. In a statement primarily written by Scott S. Field, MD, the organization cautioned that there may be an association between the HPV vaccine and premature ovarian failure (POF), which is also known as premature menopause. The statement indicates that the POF cases are very rare, however.

“Since licensure of Gardasil in 2006, there have been about 213 VAERS reports…involving amenorrhea, POF or premature menopause, 88% of which have been associated with Gardasil,” the statement asserts. VAERS is the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation.

The statement also points out that family doctors are probably unaware of the possible link between HPV and premature ovarian failure and therefore may be not be reporting such cases to the CDC’s VAERS network, which could mean that the condition is more widespread.

The pediatricians’ organization statement also calls attention to the issue that before the vaccine was brought to market, “long-term ovarian function was not assessed in either the original rat safety studies or in the human vaccine trials.”

Another issue with Gardasil is a possible flaw in the pre-release safety trials in that the vaccine and the placebo both contained polysorbate 80. The placebo also contained aluminum adjuvant. “Therefore, if such ingredients could cause ovarian dysfunction, an increase in amenorrhea probably would not have been detected in the placebo controlled trials. ”

The College also noted that many of the young girls in the trials were on birth control, “which can mask ovarian dysfunction including amenorrhea and ovarian failure. Thus, a causal relationship between human papillomavirus vaccines (if not Gardasil specifically) and ovarian dysfunction cannot be ruled out at this time.”

The ACP statement calls for additional studies of the effects of Gardasil on rats, further CCD review of the appropriate VAERS reports, and alerting primary care doctors of the possible linkage between HPV and amenorrhea. The feds say that are are monitoring the situation and plan to conduct additional safety studies.

As part of the draining the swamp effort, President-elect Trump has named Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a vaccine skeptic, to a committee to study vaccine safety. The committee will have its hands full, in part because the mainstream media, or what Health Ranger Mike Adams calls the “fakestream media,” accepts everything from Big Pharma at face value.

Moreover, a movement appears to be underway for more states to require mandatory HPV vaccinations for pre-teens or teens. Against that backdrop, parents might be well advised to study the American College of Pediatricians statement and review the many articles here on the Natural News website to make an informed decision, along with their healthcare provider, as to what is best for their family.

Stay informed about medical science news from an independent source at



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Pharmacist faces murder trial after his contaminated medicine kills 64 patients /twistednews/2017-01-17-pharmacist-faces-murder-trial-after-his-contaminated-medicine-kills-64-patients /twistednews/2017-01-17-pharmacist-faces-murder-trial-after-his-contaminated-medicine-kills-64-patients#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 In 2012, over 700 people across 20 different states were diagnosed with fungal meningitis and other infections after being given contaminated medication. This egregious error led to what was the most deadly outbreak of meningitis ever seen in the United States; 64 people died in nine different states.

Now, the trial is finally in motion. The prosecution says that a single pharmacist is responsible for at least 25 of those unfortunate deaths, and jurors will begin to weigh the evidence.

Pharmacist Barry Cadden is the 50-year old owner and head pharmacist of New England Compounding Center, known as NECC. He is being charged with 25 counts of second-degree murder in relation to the 2012 outbreak. These deaths were allegedly caused by contaminated bottles of a steroid known as preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate, which is manufactured by Cadden’s compounding pharmacy.

A second set of charges also await NECC’s supervisory pharmacist, Glenn A. Chin. Chin has been charged with 25 counts of second-degree murder, but his trial date has yet to be determined. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, a maximum sentence of life in prison is on the table for both Cadden and Chin, if they are convicted on all counts.

In 2014, the U.S. Justice Department acknowledged that the charges did “not require the government to prove Cadden and Chin had specific intent to kill the 25 patients, but rather that (they) acted with extreme indifference to human life.” The contaminated vials of methylprednisolone acetate were used on some 13,000 patients. It is truly a wonder that more people were not harmed by these pharmacists’ actions.

(Editor’s note: Isn’t it interesting that these same charges are never leveled against big-name pharmaceutical drug manufacturers whose products kill over 100,000 Americans each year? Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, Eli, J&J and other drug companies executives never face such criminal charges, even when caught fraudulently marketing dangerous prescription medications that kill thousands.)

The outbreak and the indictment

There are exactly 751 cases of infection listed on the indictment, after healthcare practitioners unknowingly injected the contaminated medication into thousands of their patients’ spinal columns.

Meningitis, which is the inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, is a life-threatening condition that was inevitably caused by the compromised medication. Fungal meningitis is considered to be a rare disease by the CDC.

In the fall of 2012, the first cases of infection were reported. That September, NECC voluntarily recalled three lots of the steroid medication. However, that was not the end of the story for the Framingham, Massachusetts-based company. CNN reports:

The next month, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, working with the Food and Drug Administration, reported that it had “identified serious deficiencies and significant violations of pharmacy law and regulations that clearly placed the public’s health at risk.”

And, about a year after the company had filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11, the owners of NECC conceded to creating a $100 million fund for the outbreak victims in late 2013.

In a misguided attempt at spreading the blame, the pharmaceutical company tried to implicate their cleaning company as having shared responsibility for the outbreak. The cleaning company, UniFirst Corp, acknowledged that they provided NECC with “once-a-month cleaning services,” but maintained that the compounding pharmacy’s claims were “without merit.” The contamination error has been consistently blamed solely on NECC and its sale and administration subsidiary, Medical Sales Management, as far as health officials are concerned.

Cadden’s 2014 indictment reveals charges for multiple counts of racketeering, conspiracy, aiding and abetting, and mail fraud. The document also alleges that NECC failed to comply with basic safety regulations regarding sterilization and cleaning, among other things, and that many people who worked there, including the owners and other pharmacists, actively lied about it.

Not the first time NECC was in trouble

The problems with NECC began many years before the fungal meningitis outbreak harmed hundreds of people nationwide. In 2006, NECC reportedly received a warning letter for their wrongdoings from the FDA. In this letter, the FDA notified NECC that there were several violations that needed to be corrected and that the federal agency had the right to “seizure and injunction against you and your firm.”

Natural News also reports that in 2012, the executive vice president of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, David Miller, “condemned NECC for profiting to the tune of millions of dollars while functioning as a drug manufacturer, and not as a compounding pharmacy” on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show. Miller also noted that despite several visits to NECC and the issuance of warnings, the FDA failed to shut them down. The negligence of the FDA also played a role in this terrible outbreak, and they too should be held accountable for their failure.


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Health Ranger accuses mercury vaccine pushers of waging chemical violence against children; calls for indictments of child-abusing doctors /twistednews/2017-01-17-health-ranger-accuses-mercury-vaccine-pushers-of-committing-chemical-violence-against-children /twistednews/2017-01-17-health-ranger-accuses-mercury-vaccine-pushers-of-committing-chemical-violence-against-children#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The CDC is a criminal operation that preys upon innocent children using fraudulent science. The “Vaccine Holocaust,” as it is sometimes called, is a deliberate and widespread assault on children using chemical violence.

I’ve posted a heated podcast below, where I describe mercury vaccine pushers as “medical child molesters” and call for their criminalization and arrest for taking part in the commission of crimes against humanity. (Why is medical child abuse acceptable when it’s carried out by doctors?)

Here are a few science quotes about mercury (Thimerosal) and autism. Below these quotes, you’ll find my podcast that lays out the greater argument for why we must stop the criminals at the CDC and Big Pharma from chemically assaulting our children with toxic vaccines.

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Here are a few science quotes about links between vaccines and autism to set the stage:

From 1991 to 1999, the number of children requiring special education services for autism increased by 500%. This study investigated the link between developmental disability in children 1-9 years of age and prior infant vaccination with 3 doses of the newly recommended mercury-containing hepatitis B vaccine. Boys who received 3 doses of the mercury-containing hepatitis B vaccine during infancy were nearly 9 times more likely (OR=8.63) than unvaccinated boys to need early intervention services, a proxy for developmental disability. This study provides strong evidence toward answering the Institute of Medicine’s open question about whether there is a link between mercury-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders. In developing nations, hepatitis B (and other) vaccines still contain mercury. In the United States, some influenza vaccines still contain mercury. Boys who received hepatitis B vaccines containing mercury were 3 times more likely than unvaccinated boys to develop autism.

– Millers Review of Critical Vaccine Studies – 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized by Neil Z. Miller

There is an unarguable causal connection between MMR and autism. Fortunately, Wakefield was finally unmuzzled, and in his shocking book Callous Disregard we learn the whole story behind the story. For anyone who actually looks at the record, Wakefield is exonerated and validated – scientifically, legally, and ethically. To pay the price he paid for standing up to the world medical profession and exposing their systematic negligence – that’s something supremely rare in today’s world. Moral fiber, professional integrity it’s an honor to belong to the same species as Andrew Wakefield. Studies linking autism with vaccines. The mid-1990s class action payouts by the tobacco industiy – over $250 billion -would pale by comparison to settlements that would result from even a scintilla of an admission about a link between autism and vaccines, especially from their most toxic sources – aluminum, thimerosal and MMR. Mercury AND AUTISM – What is mercury? An elemental metal, liquid in its natural form, historically mercury was called quicksilver. Mercury is the third most toxic substance known to man. It is the most toxic nonradioactive metal.

–  Vaccination Is Not Immunization by Tim O’Shea

Analyzing VAERS, children who received DTaP vaccines with thimerosal were significantly more likely to develop autism (OR = 2.6), mental retardation (OR=2.5), and personality disorders (OR =1.5) when compared to children who received thimerosal-free DTaP vaccines. For every additional microgram (mcg) of mercury injected into a child via thimerosal-containing vaccines, the odds of developing autism increased by 2.9%, mental retardation increased by 4.8%, and personality disorders increased by 1.2%. Data from the U.S. Department of Education revealed a significant relationship between increasing mercury from thimerosal in childhood vaccines and autism (OR = 2.5) and speech disorders (OR = 1.4).

Compared to FDA safety guidelines for the daily oral ingestion of methyl-mercury, children received up to 32 times more mercury than allowable from their childhood vaccines. The findings in this study and others indicate that thimerosal should be removed immediately from all childhood vaccines.

–  Millers Review of Critical Vaccine Studies – 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized by Neil Z. Miller

Beyond vaccines, other recent studies have found significant associations between environmental sources of mercury exposure and autism spectrum disorders. A study supported by the CDC implicated mercury, among other metals, as the air pollutant most associated with higher risks of autism spectrum disorder diagnoses among a sample of children born in the San Francisco Bay area in 1994.789 A follow-up study extended the findings to other parts of California.Meanwhile, a master’s thesis completed at Louisiana State University in 2006 noted an association between mercury in fish and air emissions and developmental disorders, including autism. Also in 2006 and then in 2009, researchers demonstrated that increases in environmental mercury (from power plants, for instance) and distance from point sources of mercury exposure in Texas were significantly related to the risk of an individual being diagnosed with an ASD. The 2006 study found that “on average, for each 1000 lb of environmentally released mercury, there was a 43% increase in the rate of special education services and a 61% increase in the rate of autism.

– Thimerosal – Let the Science Speak – The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury — a Known Neurotoxin — from Vaccines by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

There is strong resistance among drug companies, and government regulators to the notion that mercury might be the cause of today’s autism epidemic. They back up their claims with data that has been manipulated and faulty studies. The most damning response to their claims is case histories like Jake’s, where children have made a complete recovery from autism following heavy metal chelation. According to the largest survey of its kind ever undertaken, removing mercury from the bodies of autistic kids via chelation is the therapy most commonly found to improve or eliminate of the symptoms of autism. Research has also found that those who survived acrodynia produced grandchildren with a far greater incidence of autism – a sign of heritable mercury sensitivity. Mercury was present in most childhood vaccines until 2000, and is still present in flu vaccines. However, the especially large autism epidemic in the US may have a second cause – high fructose corn syrup, which often contains mercury well above safe levels. In addition, there is the burden of mercury a fetus receives as a result of the mother’s mercury burden due to amalgams, injections and food intake.

–  Mercury Poisoning – The Undiagnosed Epidemic by David Hammond

This study found that the children with autism studied had elevated porphyrin levels; those with Asperger’s were also elevated, but not as high as those with autism, and when a subgroup of children with autism was treated with the chelator DMSA, the result was a significant drop in urinary porphyrin excretion. These data implicate environmental toxicity in childhood autistic disorder. “Comparison of Blood and Brain mercury Levels in Infant Monkeys Exposed to Methylmercury or vaccines Containing Thimerosal” The CDC has used the ingested methylmercury safety standard to claim that injected ethylmercury is safe. This study demonstrates that methylmercury standards are not a suitable measure for determining risk from injected ethylmercury exposure, as injected ethylmercury becomes trapped in the brain at a much higher rate than ingested methylmercury.

-VACCINE EPIDEMIC – How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children by Louise Kuo Habakus, M.A. and Mary Holland, J.D.

Hear the Health Ranger podcast accusing mercury vaccine pushers of “chemical violence” against children

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US reclassifies CBD as schedule 1 drug as UK reclassifies it as medicine /twistednews/2017-01-17-us-reclassifies-cbd-as-schedule-1-drug-as-uk-reclassifies-it-as-medicine /twistednews/2017-01-17-us-reclassifies-cbd-as-schedule-1-drug-as-uk-reclassifies-it-as-medicine#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 While the United Kingdom has recently made a tremendous leap forward by acknowledging the unparalleled medicinal benefits of CBD oil, the good old United States continues to lag behind at an embarrassingly slow, essentially backwards pace.

Prior to the UK unveiling its decision to reclassify CBD oil as a medicine, the Drug Enforcement Agency in the US recently declared that the substance was equivalent to heroin by placing it in the same, heavily restricted class — Schedule I.

Indeed, unlike the tyrannical government agencies that have all but taken over our country, the UK seems to have chosen to take the compassionate, common sense approach to natural medicine that actually helps devastatingly ill people.

Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, known as the MHRA for short, recently announced their decision to classify the compound as a medicine, based on the substantial amount of credible evidence to support its efficacy. CBD oil is used to treat a wide range of conditions, including childhood epilepsy, autism and cancer.

In the declaration of their opinions on CBD products, the MHRA stated, “We have come to the opinion that products containing cannabidiol (CBD) used for medical purposes are a medicine.”

They agency went on to say, “Our primary concern is patient safety and we wish to reiterate that individuals using cannabidiol (CBD) products to treat or manage the symptoms of medical conditions should discuss their treatment with their doctor.”

“MHRA will now work with individual companies and trade bodies in relation to making sure products containing CBD, used for a medical purpose, which can be classified as medicines, satisfy the legal requirements of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012.”

Sadly, the UK approach does not allow consumers to purchase CBD products over the counter as a dietary supplement. While there will still be criticisms on both ends of the spectrum — with some saying it is too stringent, while others will say it is too lax — at least there appears to be some sort of effort from the UK government to acknowledge the very real benefits of this natural plant medicine.

Conversely, here in the USA, the DEA has all but sold the citizens it purports to protect up the river. As of January 13,  CBD oil, and all cannbinoid compounds,  have joined the list of Schedule I restricted substances, rendering them highly illegal — in spite of the fact that CBD and most other cannabinoids do not even produce psychoactive effects. (The hemp industry has already filed suit against the DEA and has announced plans to vigorously fight the DEA’s illogical regulatory change.)

CBD is a medicinal compound; at least three different studies have confirmed it is beneficial in the treatment of seizures, according to The Free Thought Project.

This recent change of heart in the United Kingdom underscores the sheer negligence and probable corruption that has infiltrated the DEA, among other government agencies. While the DEA twiddles their thumbs and pretends that they aren’t aware of any potential for cannabinoid compounds to be medicinal, there are literally thousands of people who treat their ailments and diseases with these life-saving plant medicines. If the DEA was as omniscient and powerful as they think they are, how can they really expect us to believe that they just don’t know how beneficial it is? It seems a lot more like they know and don’t care, doesn’t it?

This becomes especially clear when you see that while the DEA is off banning medicinal compounds, the FDA is approving Big Pharma’s latest concoctions — guess what their newest drugs are going to be based on: the compounds found in marijuana. Kratom is another medicinal plant that has been subjected to the scorn of the DEA, only to also have its natural pain-relieving compounds synthesized and patented.

If these compounds are such a “hazard to public safety” — as the DEA itself has said — why on earth are they being used to create medicine?

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Proof that Amazon devices are spies in your own home: Alexa automatically orders product after “hearing” audio in private homes /twistednews/2017-01-17-proof-that-amazon-devices-are-spies-in-your-own-home-alexa-automatically-orders-product-after-hearing-audio-in-private-homes /twistednews/2017-01-17-proof-that-amazon-devices-are-spies-in-your-own-home-alexa-automatically-orders-product-after-hearing-audio-in-private-homes#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A six-year-old girl from Dallas, Texas, became one happy little lady recently after her family’s Amazon Echo, an always-listening speaker device that’s gradually being implemented into thousands of consumer electronic products, responded to a simple voice command she made and ordered her both a tin of shortbread cookies and a large dollhouse — both of which were automatically delivered to the family’s home without so much as the click of a mouse or the press of a touchpad.

Reports indicate that Brooke Neitzel simply spoke to “Alexa,” the Ai-like, voice-command response system built into the Amazon Echo, about her desire for a dollhouse when the machine went ahead and processed an order through the Amazon portal for the products without her family’s permission. Within days, both the dollhouse and the cookies that Brooke casually mentioned out loud to Alexa were sitting on the family’s doorstep, much to the surprise of her parents.

“Alexa ordered me a dollhouse and cookies,” young Brooke gleefully told CBS 11 news when the incident was first reported, prompting other little girls who saw it to do the same exact thing. Within days, many children throughout the country had ordered their own dollhouses through Alexa, revealing not only the exceptional ease with which this increasingly popular tech device can purchase products without people’s permission, but also how clearly and constantly it listens to what people are saying around it.

Amazon says the voice-activated ordering function can easily be disabled or fire-walled using a passcode to prevent such things from occurring. The company also claims that Alexa only starts recording conversations like the one Brooke had when it hears certain keywords. But in order for it to do all this, the Echo via Alexa has to listen to what’s being said in close proximity to it at all times, a function that many are worried makes the Amazon Echo an always-listening spy device.

The Echo “has to listen to everything–that’s kind of disturbing,” says Ryan O’Leary, vice president of WhiteHat Security’s threat research center, which is trying to raise awareness about the full capabilities of Amazon Echo of which many people who use it might not be aware. “It doesn’t capture voice until it hears the keyword, but it could. You’re trusting the devices to not do that, but it’s entirely possible.” (RELATED: Read more news about resisting the surveillance state at

Spying devices to be installed in fridges, stoves, cars, and all sorts of consumer products

At the recent CES tech conference that took place in Las Vegas, LG, Whirlpool, and other consumer product manufacturers unveiled all sorts of new products containing Amazon Echo and “Alexa” technology. These companies are touting Alexa as a convenience factor, though again there are concerns that the use of this technology in everything from refrigerators and stoves to children’s toys and even “smart” walls represents a “Big Brother” threat, the variety of which the world has never seen.

“Connected microphones are starting to appear in everything from cars to children’s toys,” warns James Plouffe, lead solutions architect at mobile security company MobileIron. “Consumers should think carefully about how comfortable they are with the prospect of a live mic in common household items.”

Authorities are already pressing Amazon to release Alexa data from the device of a man who was found dead, floating face-up in a jacuzzi tub at his friend’s house, as part of a murder investigation. Amazon is refusing to release the data, citing “overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course,” but the implication is still that this private data is accessible, and possibly being stored for indefinite periods of time on private servers, or even on the internet.

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