Documents provide smoking gun suggesting Clinton used her office for financial gain

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 by

Another day, another scandal involving Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

No matter how much time passes, Hillary just can’t seem to avoid being wrapped up in a horrible scandal that makes everyone question her true intentions. While her brainwashed followers seem to be unbothered by her corrupt nature, the rest of us are forced to sit in awe by just how much Hillary can get away with.

It has been revealed that while Hillary was secretary of state, more than half the people she met with gave money to the Clinton Foundation shortly thereafter. It doesn’t take a detective to realize that she was exchanging political benefits in exchange for cold, hard cash.

$156 million was “donated” by 85 donors, at least 40 of which gave over $100,000 each, and at least 20 of which gave over $1 million each. For a person in Hillary’s position to have been accepting such massive donations is beyond inappropriate.

While there’s no hard proof that Clinton violated any legal agreements, these are clearly bribes. Her connections with shady organizations and immoral individuals are made even more unsettling know that it seems pretty clear that she’s accepting money from them.

This is all so incredibly dangerous because we don’t know where she draws the line — and that’s what is most worrisome about Clinton somehow being elected this fall.

As President of the United States, this kind of behavior from Clinton could lead to our entire country falling apart.

It’s clear that she is more concerned with her own financial benefit than the success and well-being of the country as a whole, and that could have devastating results for the rest of us. What would it say about the United States that our leader is a money-hungry lunatic that doesn’t care whether or not the citizens of the country live or die?

This is one of the most frightening American elections in history, and we better hope and pray that Hillary doesn’t win.




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