UN military vehicles now rolling down the highway in Virginia… is America being staged for a RED DAWN invasion?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 by

On Friday, June 24th, Facebook user Jeff Stern upload a series of photos that show several United Nations (UN) tactical vehicles being transported down a Virginia highway on the back of a flatbed truck. Along with the photos, Stern included the caption, “Can’t begin to tell you how many of these I passed today on 81 near Lexington, VA. Interesting times ahead!” The comment implies that there are numerous UN vehicles in the area. But why?

What business in Virginia could there possibly be so that these kinds of vehicles are needed? Is America being staged for a Red Dawn-style invasion where its people are slaughtered and thrown into internment camps at the hands of the invading parties?

It’s not especially out of the question, considering the fact that the Obama administration seems so determined to keep the American people on lock-down; policing their every move and limiting their freedoms more with every passing day. In fact, recent events resemble certain scenes from the 1980s classic to an almost frightening degree. As the American government attempts to appease invading forces, innocent people are murdered.

If there was a scene in Red Dawn where the President of the United States showed up and gave a speech about how the attackers are “lone wolves” and don’t represent the entire country, while simultaneously blaming the entire invasion on the NRA, it would be prophetic.

If and when the day comes that Americans are forced to fight back against invading forces on their own soil, we will all need to be prepared for anything that comes along. We’re living in dangerous, frightening times, and it’s important to be ready for anything that may come our way. Considering the events of the past few months alone, it could be a matter of life and death.




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