Big Banks rake in HUGE profits funding internationally banned weapons, cluster bombs deployed in Yemen, Syria

Thursday, June 23, 2016 by

At this point, everyone seems well aware that the big banks help fund wars. That doesn’t stop the news of such behavior from being any less unsettling, though.

It has recently been revealed that Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo in addition to over 150 other banks, pension funds and firms have invested $28 billion in cluster bombs. This is especially notable considering there’s an international ban on cluster bombs.

The Anti-Media writes that, “Cluster bombs, which can be launched from the air or ground, operate by ejecting smaller sub-munitions or “bomblets” that can saturate an area of several football fields, according to CMC. They can remain volatile long after a conflict ends.” They are undeniably violent tools of destruction that can leave entire cities in shame. United States businesses are funding these.

In a report entitled, Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions: A Shared Responsibility, it is revealed that eight of the top ten investors are from the United States. The other two? China and Japan. It’s very clear that there’s lots and lots of money to be made from these sort of investments. War is a significant financial ploy.

The corruption of the big banks seems to know no bounds. They’ll do whatever they please in order to make profits, regardless of the societal and environmental effects. But by all means, continue to try and infringe on the Second Amendment to prevent Americans from owning “deadly” semi-automatic rifles.



The Anti-Media


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