Biological males who identify as females can now freely undress in girls’ locker rooms

Monday, December 14, 2015 by

On Monday, the federal government just proved how skewed society’s gender standards now are, as it mandated a Chicago school to allow a fully biological male into the girls’ locker room — without restrictions. Why? Well, because he feels like he’s a girl, that’s why.

According to the feds, this move has been mandated by Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, in fact, spent almost two years observing the Township High School District 211 to study the young “girl’s” case. The said transgender student filed a complaint in 2013 after the school refused him (or is it her?) “unrestricted access” to the girls’ locker room. The district initially acceded to his request, thereby allowing him to use the girls’ locker room, “so long as he used a privacy curtain while disrobing.”

The feds, however, ruled that this restriction still constituted discrimination. According to John Knight, director of the LGBT and AIDS Project at the ACLU, forcing the student to use a privacy curtain was “blatant discrimination” because:

“It’s not voluntary; it’s mandatory for her. It’s one thing to say to all the girls, ‘You can choose if you want some extra privacy,’ but it’s another thing to say, ‘You, and you alone, must use them.’ That sends a pretty strong signal to her that she’s not accepted and the district does not see her as a girl.”

Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon agreed, saying:

“All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities – this is a basic civil right. Unfortunately, Township High School District 211 is not following the law because the district continues to deny a female student the right to use the girls’ locker room.”

The problem is, the student is a fully biological male, never mind the fact that he “identifies” as female. As reported by Breitbart, with this recent proclamation, the government’s new policy with regard to sex and sexuality among youngsters would now be as follows:

  • “If you’re a boy who shows a picture of your penis to a girl in your class, you have likely violated both federal child pornography laws as well as local sexual harassment laws. If this happens consistently in your school, the school has violated Title IX.
  • “If you’re a boy who says he’s a girl, the girl must be placed in position to see your penis and testicles. If the school does not allow this, the school has violated Title IX.
  • “If you’re an adult who sexually touches a child with the consent of the child, you have committed a crime, since children are incapable of consent.
  • “If you’re an adult who gives a child hormone therapy or surgery to prevent normal development of the genitals, with the consent of the child, you are a hero.”

Objective truth has now lost all meaning in today’s society. With the increasing fluidity and subjectivity dominating people’s identities nowadays, no one could really say who’s who or what’s what, for fear, especially, of offending those who claim they’ve been “trapped in the wrong body.”



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