Boot camp: The Chinese way to beat cell phone addiction

Sunday, September 20, 2015 by

Much like America, cell phone addiction has reached epidemic levels among adolescents in mainland China.  While we are seemingly embracing this new trend, the Chinese government has come up with an extremely creative solution to deter this bad habit: military boot camp.

Children who are about to go to college in northeast China are now forced to go to through a military-style boot camp, with uniforms, physical fitness and strange exercises, including holding their iPhone in their teeth and balancing them on their heads.  This is all organized by the communist government with the intent of helping potential college-bound students unlearn their “bad tech habits.”

Say what you like about China and their draconian ideologies, but this may actually prove to have a beneficial impact on an addiction which is negatively affecting sleep, concentration and meaningful communication across the Western world.



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